Terminal Tackle & Line

  • Eagle Claw products have been trusted worldwide since 1925.

    Gamakatsu has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of hooks for the last 50 years.

    For more than 100 years, Mustad has been known as the world's largest manufacturer of fish hooks.

    Owner - high quality, high performance fish hooks

    For almost a century, VMC has been manufacturing the World's Finest Fish Hooks.

  • Every inch of every spool of Berkley line is made under our strict quality control measures to assure the finest quality and best performance. And the innovations never stop. Our scientists are constantly developing new line formulas and pushing the technological envelope to bring you the very best fishing lines made.

    Berkley Trilene delivers crisp response while providing solid strength and shock absorption for catching the "Wicked Fighters." Using laboratory and field research to constantly improve their products.

    Simply put, PowerPro is the ultimate combination of modern technology and old-fashioned fishing knowledge. PowerPro outperforms monofilament lines in any situation and leaves other superlines in the dust. Try PowerPro on your next fishing trip, and see for yourself why it's every angler's dream - and every fish's nightmare!

    Powerful tensile and knot strength. Perfect softness and sensitivity. Low stretch for greater control. Unequaled resistance to abrasion. Minimal change from dry to wet test strength. Impressively small diameters and greater reel-fill capacity

    Jerry Brown Industries provides outstanding Line One Spectra in spliceable, hollow and standard braid solid line in 24 different lb tests and 5 colors.

    "The #1 Monofilament in the World" It's true because, in the 55 years that we have pursued super monofilament, we have dedicated ourselves to quality. And, our world class technologies are proof of that.

  • JINKAI Sleeves are made from a special aluminum alloy that is easy to crimp and resists electro- corrosion in saltwater.The soft metal and oval shape work together to provide a permanent crimp without compromising line strength. A wide variety of sizes coordinate for use with all lb. tests of JINKAI line.

    Momoi's Sleeves are manufactured using strict quality assurance procedures to produce a high quality, burr free, precise fitting crimp sleeve every time.

    Sampo ball bearing swivels sell better because they work better, offering anglers maximum protection against twisted and tangled lines... an absolute "must" for trolling, big game fishing and spinnerbaits. Anywhere you need to eliminate line twist. Sampo ball bearing swivels let lures perform at their best!

    Engineered of the finest high-grade stainless steel and with premium, top-of-the-line components, SPRO swivels deliver superior on-the-water reliability. Each style is made to withstand the toughest fishing conditions and repeated encounters with the hardest-fighting species.

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